Editing and proofreading

We are language experts and text specialists and make the best of your documents: correct grammar, perfect spelling, elegant style and consistent content are prerequisites for a functional piece of writing. We check your documents with this in mind and get the best out of them for you.

  • Editing Send us your German or English text and tell us what your main priorities are with regard to the optimisation of the text. Whether it is an academic abstract, a presentation for a conference, your company brochure or your website as the business card of your company – we not only check the spelling and grammar, but also get the tone right.
  • Proofreading – reviewing and revising translations: If you are unsure about the quality of an existing translation, we are pleased to support you with our comprehensive experience in this field. We look at the weaknesses and shortcomings of problematic translations with you, but also highlight the parts which have been rendered well. Upon request we can improve the existing translation and deliver a text which is correct in terms of language and content.


Transcreation and advertising texts

Transcreation goes a (creative) step beyond a translation: a text is not only translated in a conventional sense; the key elements of the content are identified and partly or wholly rewritten in order to achieve a specific advertising or image-related effect.

As language acrobats and jugglers of words with a feeling for detail, we create one or more versions in close cooperation with you, which perhaps use different metaphors but transport your message accurately into the target culture.


Terminology management

In order to create a feeling of order and consistency in the words used in your text, painstaking terminology work is needed: the specialist terms used are analysed, defined and described, and then applied in a uniform way.

Upon request we can – in addition to the translation or as a separate order – draw up bilingual glossaries with or without definitions of terms used, context examples and references. We accompany you professionally and with quality on the path from a jungle of terms to a well-sorted terminology database.