best practice translations e. U. focuses on translations in the language pairs German-English and English-German in a handful of selected specialist fields. Using modern translation technology and based on sound terminology research and comprehensive quality assurance processes, we create translations for you in the following fields:

  • Law
    Contracts, terms and conditions, agreements, laws, documents for authorities, statements for submission in court, and other specialist legal texts
  • Business
    Annual reports, annual accounts and financial statements (in accordance with the Austrian Corporate Code and IFRS), business documents such as extracts from the register of companies, internal procedural instructions, articles for publication on the internet and in print, and any other specialist business text
  • Energy
    General reports, applications and certificates, official decisions and any other specialist text from the fields of energy/electricity/gas
  • IT & technology
    Website localisation, technical documentation, user manuals, software help manuals and any other materials in the field of software and information technology


Certified translations

Heide Maria Scheidl, the owner of best practice translations e.U., has been registered as a sworn and certified court interpreter and translator for English at the Regional Court for Civil Matters in Vienna since 2002.

B2C – private individuals:

We provide you with certified translations of your certificates and personal documents for presentation to authorities and courts: birth & marriage certificates, school and university certificates, job references and any other instruments, certificates or confirmations etc.

B2B – business customers:

Ranging from extracts from the register of companies to annual accounts, and from contracts and agreements to documents for submission in court and arbitration proceedings: all translations can be duly certified upon request.